“Attention Real Estate Agents!”

Large Commission Paid on Properties You Locate and We Purchase $2,000.00 to 6%


Who We Are

Q9 Property Solutions LLC  is a real investment company that purchases properties in Atlanta or other parts of Georgia that need rehabilitation or have other problems. The company has a full service construction division that has remodeled hundreds of properties in the area. The company’s goal is to improve neighborhoods and we need your help locating good properties that our company can buy and ad value to. The company purchases one to two properties a week and is looking for good real estate agents who can locate properties.

Ideal Properties We Purchase

We are not looking for properties needing minor updating or remodeling… we are looking for properties that need more than $10,000 in repairs. If you know of a property or if you find a property that fits this description, please call us before you list it, and we will buy it directly through you.

Real Estate Problems We Can Handle

As an experienced real estate investment company, we know how to deal with any type of real estate problem that a seller may encounter: title issues, environmental problems, sellers who are over leveraged, those in bankruptcy or foreclosure. Those are just a few of the many problems we solve on a
regular basis.

Commission Paid

Depending on the price that we negotiate with the seller, our company will pay up to 6% of the sale price for leads that you can provide us with.

Why Deal With Us

As a real estate investment company, we are not your typical buyers. We will not waste your valuable time with financing contingencies. 95% of the properties we purchase are all cash deals that have no financing contingencies, and we can typically close in less than 10 days.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Ingo Schaer
Q9 Property Solutions LLC
(770) 291-8994