8 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home to a Home Investor

So you need to sell your home fast, and are wondering how to go about it ?

The first option that usually comes to mind is to have the house listed with a realtor. You do this thinking the realtor will help you put your house on the market, and also help you sell this. While this is true, it’s not only a rather time consuming process, but also is much more expensive than you had expected! Luckily for you, the real estate scene has changed as it is no longer individual buyers like young couples and happy families who will place offers for your property.


You will most probably also receive early offers from home investors, whom you should actually consider selling your house to. Who are home investors? Home investors are firms and individuals who buy residential homes for various reasons like using as rentals, reselling at a profit or just to build up their existing property portfolio. While buying properties is their business, you don’t have any business of selling houses! You are selling your home for the first or perhaps second time, and will naturally wonder if you should opt to sell your home the traditional way, or through home investors.

Like everything else in life, there are also pros and cons to selling your home to investors which you need to consider before acting. Selling your home the traditional manner If you opt to sell your home in the traditional manner where you have it listed with a realtor, you need to know that it can work out to be an expensive option. This is because you will have to make some necessary improvements to the house first before putting it up for sale.

For example, you will have to spend money to repair any existing problems and even work at sprucing up the property’s curb appeal so that it fetches a better price. However you are not assured your home will get sold immediately after doing all this. There is always the chance of your home remaining on the market for months, and in the process, undergoing some possible damage or decay. Moreover, you still have to keep paying off your home insurance, utilities and mortgages till the house is sold. In case you eventually do get an offer, you do not actually know if your buyer will pay your full asking price or not. There is a possibility that they will ask for a house inspection, or make demands for even more repairs or home improvements to be done to it. There is also the possibility, and risk, of the dealing falling through later on in cases where the buyer goes through some financial problems.

Now, though you may not know or be familiar much about the benefits or differences of selling your home to an investor, it’s definitely an option worth considering, especially if you want to sell your home fast. This is because there are about eight advantages that prove, and make selling to an investor a great and safe choice.

1. Quick process

If you list your house with a realtor, you will have to wait for some time for your home to get sold. This is because your home is sold through open houses and advertisements and you have to wait for a potential and interested buyer to buy your home. Besides, listing agreements generally span for 6 months so you have to wait for some time till you get a buyer. In case you do finally find a prospective buyer for your home, there is the possibility that he or she will need some financing to buy your home as they may most probably not pay for cash.

This means you have to wait for their finance option to get sanctioned. This further slows down the closing process where you will have to wait longer for the deal to close, and perhaps risk the deal even falling through. Besides, private buyers often buy homes only after your home passes an elaborate home inspection process. This may hamper your home selling process, especially if your home is rather old or if your home needs some repairs. On the contrary, investors like Q9 Property Solutions LLC buy your home in cash, so in the process, quickly close the deal.

This proves to be a huge perk if you need to sell your house quickly, as quickly as within 7 days’ time. Besides, we also offer all our house owners a no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours of meeting you. Most of the time, we also end up closing the deal so that our money reaches your bank within a few days’ time.

2. No need to make any investments on your home

If you are thinking of selling your home in the traditional manner to a buyer, there is a high chance and quite natural that your future owner will expect his or her home to be in tip-top condition. You will have to meet their expectations and perhaps replace your existing house flooring, give you house a fresh coat of paint both on the inside and out, maybe install a new roof or you may also have to make some improvements to the existing landscaping. There may also be so many other things you will have to take care of, which all entail expenses and additional expenditure. You however don’t have to spend so much money, or worry about all this if you sell your home to a home investor. Besides, despite spending so much money upgrading your home, you have no guarantee that the repairs will actually prove effective at bringing you a high sale rate which will actually be enough to compensate for all the repairs and upgrading done.

We at Q9 Property Solutions LLC are ready to buy you home in an as-is’ or in any condition it is in. This means you needn’t spend money improving the house before selling it to us. In case we find that your home needs some repairs, we will just adjust our buying rate accordingly, and take care of all the repair work once the sales proceeds is done with.

3. Avoid paying commission fees

As real estate agents don’t work for free, listing your home with an agent means you have to pay a flat fee or a commission. This is the agent’s fee for their services, which is based on an agreed-upon percentage of the selling price. While this is usually 6%, all sellers can negotiate it while all agents tend to stick to their fees. The percentage however stands true no matter how much of effort your real estate agent puts not selling your home. So if you sell your home for $300,000, your agent can earn $18,000 from the deal even if he has little involvement or does a lot to make the deal come true.

In fact, as full-fledged agents charge more than the fee-based ones, it’s better to find out how much your prospective agent changes before making negotiations. Agents who are well versed with the market, have a team of associates and assistants working for them, who have their own marketing plans and a listing schedule charge more than the other agents who just adds your house to multiple listing services and hope you strike a deal! It’s important to know that it’s always the seller who pays commission in real estate transactions, expect for a few exceptions like auctions where buyers are charged a 5% commission too.

In case you opt to try to sell your home on your own to an individual buyer, it’s a rather complicated process. You have to do the necessary market research, think of an effective marketing strategy, assess and evaluate prospective buyers which together make a lot of paperwork. Most buyers are of the impression that they can negotiate about the real estate agent’s commission fees. However this isn’t true as it’s not possible. This is because the listing agreement clearly specifies the agreed-upon commission fees. This is a contract made between the seller and the brokerage which clearly details the terms under which the commission has to be paid, and the total commission amount to be paid.

There are different types of listing agreements which the seller may agree to like Exclusive, Variable and Non-Exclusive. So there is a chance and possibility of the commission amount changing. For example in case of a variable-listing agreement, there is the chance of the agent making more or less money all depending on who represents the buyer, and who procures the buyer. Once again, it is the seller who specifies all this upfront. At the most, the buyer can only make negotiations on the purchase price, and the terms of sale mentioned in the seller’s agreement. However it is the seller who pays the buyer’s agent because the listing agent shares a part of the commission. This sharing of the commission is called co-op commission or cooperating. It’s also worth remembering that the real estate commission and most of the other costs that are related to buying and selling a house are all tax deductible. Q9 Properties difference We at Q9 Property Solutions LLC do not charge sellers any commission or hidden fees. So there’s no added expense of paying any commission if you deal with home investors like us.

4. You can avoid foreclosure

It is rather stressful if you are behind with your mortgage payments and your lender keeps threatening to put a foreclosure on your property. This is when you may feel, and want to look for means of stopping the foreclosure in a bid to save your home. There are a few strategies you can try to stop foreclosures at the last minute. Filing for bankruptcy is one of them as once you file, the court issues an order with an automatics stay’ where the foreclosure is put on hold. Even if the lender gets an automatic stay by filing a motion, and it’s granted, it takes a few months for its implementation. And in case the lender doesn’t’ mention the reason to remove the stay, the hold lasts throughout the foreclosure process which may be 4 months. However there are some risks to filing for bankruptcy like your credit taking a hard hit where even if you get credit, it comes with high interest rates.

You also can’t file anther bankruptcy for some time and stand to lose your protection against new collection actions like wage garnishments. While Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you save your home if you are already in the bankruptcy process, Chapter 7 may help if you cannot make any more payments. Another strategy to avoid a foreclosure is applying for a loan modification to get more favorable loan terms with your lender. This can help lower the financial burden on you, and help you keep your house for as long as you pay your lender. However not only is there the risk of the loan modification not getting approved, it’s possible that you fall back more on your mortgage payments by the time your lender makes a decision, which only increases the risk of a foreclosure. You can also always sue a lawsuit against your lender if they are using illegal processes to foreclose outside of court. This is also risky as it’s expensive and as you are the plaintiff challenging the foreclosure, you have the burden of proof and have to prove that you are not at fault. This means you have to prove to the court that foreclosure shouldn’t take place because of reasons like the foreclosing lender not proving it owns the promissory note, not following state median requirements, violating the state’s Homeowner Bill of Rights, had done some serious mistakes or hadn’t followed the required state foreclosure process steps. Q9 Properties difference If you opt to sell your home to us at Q9 Properties, we will do all we can to help you avoid a foreclosure. We will also give you the necessary cash to help you move on in life.

5. Inherited property assistance

Sometimes you may have to sell a house just because you have inherited it as you already have a home of your own. In such cases, its difficult insuring the house as it is unoccupied. There’s also the added vulnerability of the house to theft, vandalism and even possible damage because of poor and lack of maintenance. All this unfortunately leads to depreciation in the value of the house, which in turn makes the house even more difficult to sell if and when you are ready and want to sell it.

Q9 Properties difference We at Q9 Property Solutions LLC will not only buy your house, but also arrange to have a moving company come over to help you clear your belongings from your home. If required, we are more than willing to help you through any legal processes involved in case you had inherited the house without any will, and are working through the house’s title, tax matters and lien.

6. Don’t have to spend time and money cleaning the house

As mentioned earlier, traditional buyers expect their houses to be in tip-top condition, and as clean as possible upon moving in. so you have to spend a few hours or in some cases even a few days cleaning, polishing and scrubbing the house you will no longer be living in! Q9 Properties difference If and when you sell your house to us at Q9 Property Solutions LLC, you can leave all the cleaning work to us. We are ready to buy your home in an as-is’ condition, which means you needn’t spend any time or effort cleaning it unless you feel your house needs an overall cleaning. As we don’t emphasize on buying a clean home, you are saved the time and money you should have otherwise spent to pay a cleaning service to clean your home for you. All you have to do is take whatever furniture and things you want to keep from the house, and we will take care of disposing of everything else in the house. This means that no matter if you are selling your own house, or have to sort deceased loved ones’ accumulated belongings, we help you by simplifying the house selling process for you.

7. Flexible payment options

Investors generally offer, and have various payment options to use for buying your home with not only cash, but also using certified funds, pre-scheduled cash payments and may also completely take over any existing mortgage you have. So with so many payment options available, it’s very likely that sellers like you will find a solution that eventually suits your needs. Q9 Properties difference We at Q9 Properties offer various payment options. It’s left to you the seller to decide and tell us which payment option is most feasible to you. We also offer other services like cleaning your house, clearing title and other services which you don’t have to pay for.

8. Don’t have to move out before selling

An added advantage of dealing with investors is that unlike dealing with realtors, you can make negotiations wherein there is no need of your moving out of your house before selling it. This means you don’t have to get your house ready’ for months on end while you wait for a buyer nor is there a need of getting out of the house until you sign the dotted line. It’s even possible for you to negotiate a lease-back agreement with your buyer where you have the required equity to move out.

Q9 Properties difference

We at Q9 Properties let you make negotiations about the rate of your house without leaving our home, until it is sold. So there’s no need of your looking for another place to stay up till and until the house is sold, nor is there any need of getting your home ready’ while waiting for a potential buyer to buy it from you. You can stay in your house till all the procedures related to the house selling process are completed. So if you are interested in selling your house to a home investor today, don’t waste time in contacting us at Q9 Property Solutions LLC.

We will help sell your house within 24 hours’ of contacting us. There is the possibility of your receiving the best cash offer possible on the spot, and closing the deal within as few as 5 days. We are a local but reputable company with a team of experienced employees who are more than ready to answer all and any questions you have to ask. Q9 Property Solutions LLC is an award-winning home investment firm with the experience, know-how and infra-structure offering great opportunities in all your real estate endeavors.

We are a firm based in Marietta, Georgia. We can help you with your new rehab project or if you want to learn more about any available options.

We are also proud of our steadfast commitment at maintaining optimal customer satisfaction with all our customers which in turn has helped earn us our strong rating.

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